We make digitally-inclined humans stop and stare through captivating narratives, scroll-stopping strategies and mind-blowing design. Beyond the sale, we make your brand stand out!

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Building Brands That Cut Through The Noise
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Building Brands That Cut Through The Noise
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Building Brands That Cut Through The Noise
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Building Brands That Cut Through The Noise
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Building Brands That Cut Through The Noise

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With our compelling blend of caffeinated strategists and creatives, we equip brands with the right marketing mechanisms to skyrocket their growth.

There’s a Latte of Competition Online

73% of overall marketing budgets are allotted for digital. How do you compete with that? Through strategic branding, message amplification techniques, and the latest digital marketing tools, Kohi Studios brings to the table world-class digital marketing strategies with a focus on relationship-building—all in the name of stopping the doom scroll. Let’s get your message heard!

Your Sip of Kohi-nated Superbness

Ready your cups. We’re breaking through algorithms.

We’ve operated as a boutique digital marketing studio and have gone through the hoops. Experiencing the same digital challenges you are facing now has enabled us to innovate and execute best practices to grow businesses.Trust us when we say we’ve been there, and more…

We set the standards high
Our pursuit of excellence goes beyond our team and client work. We strive to elevate the creative industry that we belong in.

Integrity is our DNA
As peddlers of digital presence and identities, we motivate our clients to put integrity first in whatever they do, in the same way, that we encourage our team to be truthful and authentic with their work.

We never stop learning
We commit to a growth mindset - continuously learning and honing our craft as we navigate the ever-dynamic landscape of digital marketing. This is the only way we can serve you at our best.


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3 Steps to Stand Out #TheKohiWay

Why carry the load by yourself, when we can take it from here, instead?

Discover & Diagnose.

Sometimes the problem isn’t the problem.

Here, we dig deep to unearth the real culprit as to why nothing seems to work lately. Diagnosis first before recommendation. Our team walks you through not only your challenges, but the entire customer buying cycle, your current baseline, and the benchmark you want to reach.

Test drive solutions

The fix isn’t quick, but they do last

We map out a detailed action plan to (finally!) tick off your goals one by one. Following a defined process and roadmap, our team lays out a custom strategy based on our extensive market research. We set out to test the best initiatives to solve your brand challenges.

improve and innovate

Knowing when and how to adapt is key to thriving in the digital world.

We navigate through trends, data and algorithms to create more high-impact social media strategies and stories for your brand that go beyond just making a sale. Our growth mindset keeps us loyal to experimentation, evaluation, and innovation. The only way to move forward is to go through the process, measure results, and optimize action.


Here at Kohi Studios, we go above and beyond to equip you with the necessary tools and support to thrive in the digital space.

You're in Expert Hands

You'll be working with a powerhouse team of strategists, content creators, designers, and community managers who’ve proven their expertise and grit.


Good Rep with Cool Brands

Your future state is best represented by the growth that our clients are currently experiencing. Promise, they’re the coolest (but we made them even cooler!)


Optimized Workflows

You'll be working with us side-by-side all throughout! Expect clarity, collaboration, and confidence from the point we set goals to the moment we assess and report our performance.


Strategy-focused, Creativity-driven

You’ll gain more appreciation for social media marketing (and the hard work that comes with it). Our approach is to find the sweet spot between strategy and creativity as we deliver the best results!


Working with Kohi Studios can lead to next-level success as we help you elevate your brand.

Happy Clients, Happy Us

"I'm grateful that I found Kohi Social. Having your team a part of our team means so much to us. It's really big deal to us to have you all on our journey. I can't thank you enough for everything so far."

Freja Emily
Founder of Nodiee Co

"Can I just say, we can no longer imagine our lives without you girls! We're so lucky to be working with you ladies who are very talented, smart, creative and witty! Everyday you amazed us with the things that you provide for us in our business. I know you all put in the extra hard work daily and what you do is not easy."

Jerine and Vince
Founders of The Verde Garden

"The team is very active following me up in every phase from the start until today. I’m getting the service I’m paying. The team has great comprehension and communication skills. The team is very supportive and very professional. KUDOS to the Kohi Social Team!"

Shamgar Braza
Coffee Tools Brand Owner

"I am so impressed with your organization, creativity in content creation, I have only positive things to say!!! I'm so grateful for the entire team"

Jullia Piccolo
Branding and Business Coach

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Curious? Time to schedule a coffee chat and see where our strategic blend of creativity and experience will get you.

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Building Brands That Cut Through The Noise
flower icon of kohi
Building Brands That Cut Through The Noise
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Building Brands That Cut Through The Noise
flower icon of kohi
Building Brands That Cut Through The Noise
flower icon of kohi
Building Brands That Cut Through The Noise